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Enemies Within - An Airforce Thriller

When greed takes over man, there is no stopping him. Even the nation's interests are of little concern to him!

Enemies Within is a thrilling crime novel that sharply reveals the consequences of human fallacy.

When Squadron Leader, Sudhir, suspects Flight Lieutenant Sunder of nefarious activities, he knows he has to act fast before things get out of hand. With the help of his wife, Poonam, Sudhir attempts to crack down a dangerous spy network, which is secretly passing on sensitive information about India to her enemies. Poonam is a big revelation, as she boldly risks her life to thwart the activities of the espionage gang and save her nation.

Replete with twists and turns, suspense, emotions and high drama, Enemies Within will keep you at the edge of your seat, till the very end.

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