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Rags To Uniform

This is the story of an Air Force officer who helped a boy who had been struggling to earn for food and schooling, in spite of financial difficulties he himself was facing.

Haridas was an airman when he met Baburaj, studying in the seventh standard, who was working as a coolie on a railway platform and when he came to know that the boy was first in his class and his mother was sick, he felt sympathy and decided to help him in his studies. Haridas had to support his two brothers in college for their education, in addition to the financial help to his father. Haridas passed his engineering degree privately and got a commission as an officer in Indian Air Force. Meanwhile, Baburaj passed his tenth and Haridas helps him to get recruited as an airman in Indian Air Force. Later, what happens when Haridas meets Baburaj? The big question remains.


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