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Her Miseries

This is the story of 26 years old college lecturer Devi, the lone daughter of a retired brigadier, who lost his wife when Devi was three years in accidental gunfire by a five-year-old boy and remained unmarried scared of step-motherly treatment to his daughter. Without considering the father's compulsions to marry a doctor, she decided to live with her collegemate, Chandran, working in Delhi and got eloped with him. While proceeding to his room from the railway station, the auto met with an accident and he died and she was admitted to a hospital where Doctor Prakash, took a special interest in her, upon knowing the tragic happening at the beginning of her life and decided to give shelter in his house, where he was living with his mother. Her morning sickness generated doubts and on confirmation from a lady doctor that she was pregnant, she was thrown out from there by his mother.

Even steel once stretched beyond its tensile strength will break. Similarly, Devi was mentally broken to a point of committing suicide. Will she come out of the series of difficulties being faced?

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