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The Ghost

Shaji, an IT professional and only son of a wealthy Muslim landlord, helped Sujatha, a Hindu girl, by taking money from his father’s locker towards the capitation fee for her engineering college admission in Bangalore. The indebted girl pawned her innocence for his lust. Raju, a classmate of Shaji, who was in the porn business, had an eye on this beautiful girl with frequent mention to Shaji, who never agreed. Once during her visit to the village, she went missing. Gossips went around blaming Shaji for killing and disposing of her body. On his visit to town to prove his innocence, the police arrested Shaji and tortured him to the point of his hospitalization. The ghost of missing Sujatha appeared to save her mentor and savior, and Shaji was released. The cause of the death was a mystery which she revealed with an unexpected thrill and suspense.

A mystery suspense novel that will keep you enthralled on thorns till the end.

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