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Marriage in Heaven: A Social Drama

This is the story of Wing Commander Krishnan Nair who was I love with Rukhsthana, a Muslim girl, but could not think of marrying her because of vehement opposition from his sister, Shobha, a divorcee with a daughter and son, living with parents. Her strong objection was that if ever the wedding with a lady from another religion took place, the entire life and future of her children would be marred with the great stigma attached to that family. She had categorically denied acceptance to such relations to avoid endangering her daughter’s marriage market.

Krishnan Nair had to live to look after the welfare and comforts of his sister and he had to struggle to educate her children; the daughter a doctor and the son an engineer, as dictated to him by his father on his death bed.

The sacrifice is never ending and finally what happened is very interesting to keep every reader at tender hooks imagining of what could be the life of Krishnan Nair towards the end.

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