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War Hero - An Airforce Thriller

This is the story of a dedicated air force officer who was even ready to sacrifice his own life to execute the task assigned to him during the 1971 Indo-Pak war.

Flight Lieutenant Prabhakar, a fighter aircraft pilot, was posted to one of the border Air Force Flying Squadrons while the border tension between India and Pakistan started and finally culminated into a full-fledged war. On 3rd December 1971, the war broke out. On the following day, a team of twelve aircraft of his squadron went to the enemy territory and caused heavy damage, but their Squadron Commander did not return back. Without showing any sign of mental disturbance, on the following day Prabhakar proceeded to the enemy territory with specific tasks to cause maximum damage and cripple the enemy. While performing the operations, he had to reduce the altitude and came in the range of anti-aircraft gunfire. Even after knowing that his aircraft was on fire, he stayed over the enemy territory and completed the job until he was fully satisfied and bailed out in the thick forest of the enemy territory. He had to struggle to escape from the clutches of the enemy when he was apprehended and taken to a bunker where he was tortured to extract secrets which he did not heed to and escaped causing heavy damage to the enemy with the assistance of a Pakistani present there. From then on, his struggle to survive and get back to India started. He had to spend many weeks eating leaves, fruits, and uncooked fish to survive. After many days, he reached the border village. Will he finally reach his Squadron and meet his beloved wife? Was his wife expecting him to be back safe, after being reported that he was missing in war.? The big question remains.

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